I am an ethical vegan – veganism is not a diet, it is a way of life – a commitment to respect all forms of animal life, the planet on which we all live and to peace. I oppose all manner of animal exploitation, be they human or non-human animals.

I am an atheist – belief in the supernatural is illogical, delusional and, as is demonstrated every single day, destructive

I am an anarchist – in the classical sense – but, alas, it is much too late for such a utopian philosophy to succeed on this planet of seven-billion plus brain-washed, self-interested and avaricious human animals.

I am an environmentalist – human animals are nonchalantly destroying their home planet which, to my mind, is akin to an individual steadfastly hacking away at the foundations of a borrowed house and defecating, constantly, in each and every room whilst still in residence, yet confident of passing on that home, intact and habitable, to their children.

I am not photogenic – I am old, fat and ugly.

I am not under any illusions about the quality of my writing – the hell world is my first attempt at such an enterprise and I do not profess to be a literary genius nor, indeed, anything approaching such a level of proficiency.

I live with two cats – they, very graciously, allow me to share their home with the only provisos being my waiting hand and foot on them, my instant attention when they so demand it and my spending a large proportion of my paltry income on their food, cat litter, treats and medical insurance – it’s more than well worth the expense!

I live about half-way up a small island on a small-minded planet.