The dominant species of animal on the hell world considered themselves to be, oh so, superior to all other forms of life on that planet.

They were not even, in their minds, mere animals – they were much, much more than that.

They thought themselves the centre of the physical universe.

The believed that the vast, seemingly unending cosmos orbited around them as a species and only their species.

The majority of them were under the impression that, after their deaths, they would live on forever, for the whole of eternity, in some supernatural paradise – why, then, should they care about a physical world they would only reside upon for a miniscule fraction of that time?

This species truly believed they could murder, destroy and pollute with impunity – and they did so incessantly – they tortured and massacred other species of animals in their multiple billions each year and they desecrated the very air, land and water they themselves required for life with noxious emissions from their industrial, domestic and bodily functions.

These animals were convinced that a planet-wide population of their species of seven billion was sustainable – even if that meant that most other lifeforms must go extinct to accommodate that level of their own procreation and habitation.

They thought themselves invincible.

They were wrong…